Join our Health Consumer Panel

Anyone can volunteer to be part of the consumer panel.

About the panel

Our panel is made up of members of the community who have an interest in healthcare.

You can register to participate in a specific health area that you're interested in.

Some of the activities may include:

  • giving feedback on publications
  • taking part in working groups or focus groups
  • taking part in community forums.

How to register

Fill in the form to be a part of the Health Consumer Panel.

Enter your home address suburb name.
We'll use this to get in contact with you.
We'll use this to get in contact with you.
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Area of interest * Select all health areas that apply.

What happens next

We’ll email or phone you when an opportunity comes up in your chosen area of interest.

You’ll get information requests and invitations to participate in health service planning and design, service delivery and service evaluation.

Last updated: November 2021