Board committees

The Board is responsible for the strategic direction, setting goals and monitoring the executive leadership team and ensuring community consultation is undertaken.

Board functions

The functions of the Board include:

  • developing the strategic direction and priorities for the operation of our health service
  • monitoring compliance and performance
  • ensuring that we have safe systems in place that support our patient experience, quality outcomes, evidence based practice, education and research
  • developing plans, strategies and budgets to ensure the accountable provision of our health services
  • ensuring risk management systems are in place
  • overseeing the operation of systems for compliance and risk management reporting to stakeholders
  • establishing and maintaining effective systems that allow our health services to meet the needs of our community.

Board committees

Our committees support the functions of the Board. Each one operates within a terms of reference describing the purpose, role, responsibilities, composition, structure and membership.

Our committees are made up of our:

  • Executive Committee
  • Safety and Quality Committee
  • Finance and Performance Committee
  • Audit Committee.

Terms of reference

Last updated: November 2021