Dizzy no more

Dizzy no more

Published Thursday 18 November 2021

Mei wearing the vestibular goggles.

Mei wearing the vestibular goggles, with her daughter and carer, Rock (right), Imogen (centre) and Deb.

Ongoing dizziness and vertigo make simple life activities incredibly challenging. 84-year-old Mei is no longer dizzy thanks to some specialised goggles and physiotherapy treatment called vestibular therapy.

Mei was diagnosed and treated by two of our ‘Dizzy Phyzzys’ (vestibular physiotherapists) Imogen Lewis and Debra Gavranich at Cairns Community Health.

‘Most people don’t realise that dizziness can be treated,’ said Deb.

‘We diagnosed Mei with our ‘vestibular goggles’,’ said Deb. ‘We gave her the therapy and one week later, Mei is almost completely recovered.’

‘The goggles are able to see what a patient’s eyes are doing when they are dizzy. This helps us diagnose the cause.’

Mei was referred to our physiotherapists by her Commonwealth home support nurse who recognised how dangerous the dizziness could be.

‘When an elderly person falls and breaks a hip, 30% of them pass away within a year,’ said Deb. ‘That’s why treating dizziness and preventing falls is so important.’

‘Some of our patients have been living with dizziness for decades and after one or two treatments they are 80% fixed. It’s remarkable!’ said Deb. If you are seeking treatment for dizziness, talk to your GP about getting a referral to a vestibular physiotherapist.

Last updated: November 2021